Modern Features You Can Expect to See in Camper Trailers for 2019


When planning for a camping trip, it's important to be well prepared. You need a structure that is comfortable enough for sleeping, cooking and storing your items during an adventure. However, you may also have portability and convenience in mind.

Rather than dragging out a full-sized RV when exploring the woods, camper trailers are the perfect in-between option. And in 2019, you can expect to see unique and modern features in newer camper trailer designs. In fact, these stylish trailers are bridging the gap between comfort and convenience.

Here are some modern features you can expect to see in camper trailers during this upcoming year.

1. Spiced up kitchenettes

Camper trailers now come with more useful and stylish kitchenettes for your meal prep options. They feature modern cabinetry designs such as slick wooden finishes. These cabinets also provide space for you to carry along your favourite spices and pots and pans. Other features of these kitchenettes include sinks with a mobile water supply, ventilation through multiple windows and portable appliances like coolers.

With a more useful kitchen, you can carry along your favourite secret recipe while camping in the woods.

2. Modular spaces

Modern camper trails also maintain portability without compromising on utility. They do this by using modular spaces that convert into different types of rooms. For example, many kitchenettes can be transformed into a sleeping area for two or more people. This is possible because the seating space can be pulled out into a bed and later retracted back into seating space.

The roof can also pop out to create more headroom when moving around in the trailer. These innovative designs save on space while adding utility.

3. Pop-out tents for extra space

Modern camper trailers also feature pop-out tents that create extra space while camping. The tent can inflate off the sides of the trailer and expand to create more room for sleeping, cooking or relaxing.

4. Lightweight trailers for easier and safer towing

Camper trailers are also becoming more lightweight. In fact, a regular four-cylinder vehicle can now tow many camper trailers safely. These lightweight trailers are able to use modular spaces, pop-out tents and innovative storage to pack multiple features into a portable unit.

5. Electrical supply

Most people now heavily rely on their electrical devices for many different uses. To keep these devices powered, modern camper trailers now have a steady electrical supply with USB ports, electrical outlets and interior lighting.

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20 November 2018

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