How to Cost-Effectively Buy an RV for Your Business Purposes


Are you the owner of a growing business, who is always looking for creative ways to help you with your sales and marketing? If so, you may realise that business success is often down to the type of relationship that you foster with your clients, especially if they are long-term and contribute a good deal to your revenues. You may need to invest money in fostering these relationships by inviting your best customers to events and other activities at no cost to them, so they can see how much you value their business.

However, this can often provide you with a challenge in its own right as you look for unusual ways to do this and, most importantly, to make sure that all your efforts are cost-effective. As part of this work, you may have come up with a new idea, and that is to take your very best clients on a camping retreat, but where do you start?

Doing This the Right Way

In this case, you will only be looking for the highest quality getaway and should plan a trip to one of the most beautiful locations in your area in a very high-quality RV. As this is something that you plan to do often and with various different clients, it makes sense to purchase this vehicle outright, especially if you can come up with a creative way of financing it and something that you can "write off" against the business.

Best Solution

Enter the chattel mortgage, which is an ideal loan vehicle for the purpose. It is effectively a commercial vehicle loan and intended for something that will be used for at least 50% of its time as a business tool.

What's Involved?

When you take out this type of mortgage, you will own the RV as soon as you buy it and can claim back various tax benefits. You will also be able to set up the loan according to your actual needs and can place the RV directly onto the balance sheet from day one.

This type of loan will attract a low interest rate, is secured against the vehicle itself and it is often possible to finance up to 100% of the purchase with a good chattel mortgage. Consequently, you won't have to dip into your capital reserves and may be able to include scheduled servicing and even insurance premiums, as part of the monthly repayment.

Start the Engine

So, with a plan in hand, all you need to do is to get the best RV that your budget will buy and start to look at high-quality destinations for your first trip.


12 November 2018

Conrad's Camping Tips

Hello! My name is Conrad and I would like to give you some top tips which will help you to enjoy your first camping trip. When I first went camping, I was really nervous about the whole experience. Thankfully, my friend Will came along with me. Will has lots of experience of camping so he was able to guide me as I tried to erect the tent and set up the stove. I had a really great time during our camping trip and Will taught me lots of cool things. I want to pass on my new found knowledge by writing this blog.